How Pawn Store Loans Are Managing in Section 13 Bankruptcy


The pawn business is booming. But pawn shops are not just using the services of the working poor. Instead, center and upper money borrowers are using their belongings to pawn shops to generate the money necessary for mortgage payments, vehicle loans, college tuition and even essentials like food and clothing. Pawn business deal magazines took notice of this tendency and more and more pawn brokers are opening places in top quality buying centers. Niche pawn stores now search similar to jewelry shops than product filled pawn stores and they freely solicit rich customers. In Atlanta, there is a pawn keep called “The Happy Hocker” that specializes in jewelry and watches advertises itself as the “pawn search for the wealthy and famous.”

Bankruptcy lawyers are also viewing these properly heeled borrowers. Whilst the 2005 improvements to the nation’s bankruptcy regulations generally require wealthy debtors to record Section 13, there is a constant upward rise in the amount of bankruptcy filings by families who’ve household earnings of $100,000 or more. Unsurprisingly, several high revenue bankruptcy filers have pledged into pawn collectibles, jewelry, electronics, watches and household heirlooms in an endeavor to raise cash. Worried, ashamed and uncertain about precisely how pawn stores work, these pawn borrowers unnecessarily chance their home if they are perhaps not attentive to time deadlines and default provisions.

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